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The ILCE participated in the sessions RED / ODR UN Vienna

During the week of 14 to 18 November at the UN Headquarters in Vienna, Austria, the Third Session of the UNCITRAL Working Group / Cross Border UNCITRAL Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) took place in Spanish, Dispute Resolution Electronics (RED) border, of which the ILCE was honored to be invited to participate with observer status.

ILCE's delegation at the UN was formed by the Beloved Mary Arley Orduna, Director of the Center for Negotiation and Mediation Law Faculty of the National University of Mexico (UNAM) and Rolando J. Ortega Hernandez, Venezuelan lawyer, PhD in Law Commercial University of Salamanca, both two ODR experts and consultants for the Regional Program Dispute Resolution Electronics ILCE, directed Szlak Gabriela from Argentina.

Delegation of ILCE in UNCITRAL, Amada Arley Odruña and Rolando J. Ortega Hernandez - experts ODR-

During the sessions at UN articulated a draft document on Rules of Procedure for Electronic Dispute Resolution border commercial transactions was discussed.

You can consult the provisional Regulation that was discussed in the sessions here .

The ILCE, with the conviction that the peculiarities of our region must be taken into account, is participating in the debate about the need to create appropriate frameworks for the fair and efficient processing of high volumes of low-value cross-border disputes, which come the growing use of electronic commerce that crosses borders.

One of the proposals made by the ILCE and was submitted for consideration, was to create a code of conduct internationally agreed to establish the principles and best practices that should govern the activity of neutral working resolving disputes in the online context, such such as fairness.

Delegation of ILCE in UNCITRAL and expert ODR the Spanish Delegation and member of the Board of eConfianza ILCE, Aura Esther Vilalta

"The continued and committed participation of ILCE as an expert observer in the UNCITRAL Working Group allows the ILCE access first-hand information about the progress of the thematic border level and also provide a regional perspective skilled in the art, that adds value to the meeting. We emphasize once again, as we have done in various forums and conferences, more active participation and professionals specialized in the subject of the delegations of our region with voting UNCITRAL is essential because the texts that is arrived, could have an impact for the region, both entrepreneurial and consumers who use the Internet to purchase goods and services. "said the director of the Regional Programme RED (Electronics Dispute Resolution) ILCE, Gabriela Szlak, who recalled the ILCE from October this year is conducting the first pilot experience of the Regional Programme RED under the Regional Programme eConfianza , where he attends as neutral buyers and sellers third, so they can resolve satisfactorily any inconvenience is generated during a process of online purchase. In 2012 the first conclusions of this first pilot experience in Argentina will be presented, with outreach to various countries, such as Spain, Mexico and Colombia, among others.

As to meet the UNCITRAL Working Group, it is interesting to mention that this time involving about 45 state delegations and the European Union and two observers Governmental Organizations: The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and the Ministry of Integration Economic Centroamericana (SIEC) -

Likewise, also participated as expert observers, non-governmental international organizations, among others, the following:

American Institute of Electronic Commerce (ILCE), Center for International Legal Education (CILE), Centre de Recherche en Droit Public (CRDP), Chartered Institute Of Arbitrators (CIARB), Construction Industry Arbitration Council, India (CIAC), Electronic Consumer Dispute Resolution (ECODIR), European Law Students' Association (ELSA), Institute of Commercial Law (Penn State Dickinson School of Law), Institute of Law and Technology (Masaryk University), Internet Bar Organization (IBO), International Arbitral Centre of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (VIAC), Moot Alumni Association (MAA), New York State Bar Association (NYSBA).

Reference material on the subject:

Relevant documents on RED / ODR UNCITRAL / UNCITRAL, in Spanish, here

Sessions end of WGIII from 14 to 18 November in Vienna report, in English, here

Video of the International Symposium on RED / ODR, organized by the ILCE, here

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